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Private School Uniforms

Hey girls, do you ever wish you could wear shorts to school instead of a skirt, so you could play without worrying about showing your underpants?? But, private school uniforms require you to wear skirts and not shorts. So what can you do to overcome this issue and allow you to play to your heart's content the next time you hit the playground at school? Wear your regular shorts underneath your skirt? Probably not. Why? Because they are too thick and hot.

Now you have Francie Pants! Comfortable shorts that you can wear under private school uniforms all day long without feeling them there.


Why are Francie Pants comfortable?

Because they are made with a light weight, poly-blend fabric that is worn over your regular cotton underwear. Francie Pants prevent your underwear from showing even while you play and jump, thereby saving you the embarrassment of being teased. Francie Pants lay comfortably on your skin, leaving no tight elastic marks on your waist or thighs. With Francie pants, you can move about freely, jump, dance, and play with your skirts on, without ever worrying about “what’s showing”.

Who can wear Francie Pants?

Girls of all ages! We make them in sizes that fit girls aged 1 to 17.

And not only can you wear our shorts under private school uniforms, but also under your cheerleading and dance outfits. Our shorts come in a wide variety of fun colors and prints. You will be proud to show them off! Hurry and get your favorite colors today!

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