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Girls Shorts

Francie Pants girls shorts come down to the upper thigh. Girls can wear these shorts as is or under skirts and dresses. Our Francie Pants girls shorts are very comfortable, no matter if they are worn on their own or under skirts. They fit close to the skin but are still breathable unlike most spandex material.  Francie pants colors will stay bright and vibrant after many years of use. 


Francie pants are made of the best quality poly blend spandex materials.  This spandex material not only stretches but wicks sweat too, making you feel cool and dry.  You can wear our shorts during sports activities or workouts. No longer do you have to worry about tearing your shorts if you stretch a little too far. You can say good bye to that sticky feeling you experience when you wear tight shorts, thanks to the sweat-wicking quality of our spandex. 


Our Francie Pants girls shorts are available in a variety of colorful and solid prints.  We offer shorts in polka dots, star prints, animal prints, floral prints, and many more. No matter what your choice of print is, we can surely get you one that suits your taste and preference. So, with Francie pants girls shorts, you can have a pair that matches your mood each day. 


Our Francie Pants girls shorts give you the freedom to be a star and score the winning shot at school or on the playground.  No longer do you have to worry about what’s showing while you play with Francie pants worn under your skirts. So, while you are scoring baskets, making long jumps, or doing cart wheels we’ve got you covered. 


Gone are the days when you felt uncomfortable in a dress or skirt, or in a bikini bottom at a beach. Our Francie Pants Girls shorts are here for you.

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