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Kids Shorts

Mothers are often concerned about their little girls wearing short skirts and dresses while they play. They often worry about what's showing while their daughter is having fun. With Francie Pants they can say good bye to those worries. Our Francie Pants kids shorts can be worn on their own or under skirts and dresses. 

Francie Pants come in a huge variety of prints and sizes that your kids will surely love. Francie pants are available in several types of prints like polka dot, floral, stars, animal, and many more. Whatever mood your kids are in we have a print to match. 

No matter what age your kids are we have shorts to fit. Our Francie Pants are made using a poly blend spandex material that is very stretchy and comfortable. 

Our poly blend spandex material wicks sweat as well keeping your kids cool and dry while they play. Besides wearing them under their skirts and dresses our Francie Pants kids shorts are great for wearing as is while dancing or playing sports.

The elastic used in our Francie Pants kids shorts are of the best quality. This ensures that they do not chafe your kids skin while they play.

Trust us, your daughter will thank you for getting her our Francie Pants kids shorts.

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