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Francie Pants are fun and colorful shorts for dance, gymnastics, volleyball, cheerleading, private school and more.  We make them for girls of all ages.

“I see London, I see France, I see someone’s underpants!”  Not anymore. Now there’s FRANCIE PANTS!

Turning cartwheels, hanging upside down from monkey bars, doing a high kick, cheering for your favorite team… These are just a few reasons girls need Francie Pants. We believe that every girl should be free to move without worrying about “what’s showing”. Francie Pants, worn under skirts or over a leotard, allow girls to express their personality and flair for fashion, while keeping them covered. These are the shorts that they’ll want to show off!

What are they?

Francie Pants are light weight and silky poly-blend shorts that are meant to be worn over regular underwear or leotards. They prevent your underwear from showing and thus prevent schoolyard teasing and embarrassment. It’s safe to wear a skirt again.

Who are they for?

Francie Pants are popular for girls of all ages.  We make them for girls 12 months through age 16. The smallest sizes work great as a diaper cover and our teen sizes are appropriate for women up to a size 6/8. Dancers, gymnasts and cheerleaders love our shorts especially as they are so silky and lightweight you can barely feel them on. They are also popular with many uniform wearing school girls, whose schools require shorts under skirts. Of course Francie Pants are appropriate for any fashionable girl who enjoys playing actively without fear of taunts.

We embrace an active lifestyle for girls. Francie pants shorts are a sassy yet modest way for girls to express who they are, without shame or hesitation. They’re free to twirl, do a handstand or a high kick, because we’ve got them covered! In our world no-one needs to fear a silly rhyme. Which is why we’ve come up with our own motto. We say:

“Show em London, Show em…Francie Pants!”

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